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Practice speaking German right before the class

30 minutes of practice is more effective than 10 hours of theory. DAS Akademie prepared the event series “DAS 30 minutes” for you, so that you can practice your new language without travelling long distances and investing additional resources.

We prepared a conversation session in a relaxed atmosphere for our students right before their classes. Heartwarming drinks, fascinating conversations and engaging activities will be waiting for you.

DAS 30 minutes: A meetup for speaking German

Practice is the key to fluent conversations. You can improve your German while you get to know many people from the other intensive and evening courses.  You will have the opportunity to solidify, deepen and apply your knowledge of the class before class. There is nothing better to improve your language skills than to use the language in an authentic context. In the extra time that we provide, you will soon realize that you can better memorize the structures you’ve learned in the classroom because you are using them repeatedly.

“DAS 30 minutes” is free for all DAS students.  It’s a great way to warm up your tongue before your intensive or evening courses to get the best out of them.

Curious? Then set your alarm to 30 minutes earlier! If you live abroad, try our online German courses for learning success good karma!

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