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Dark Sides of fast fashion

Dark Sides of fast fashion? Today’s world is certainly characterized by the speed factor. Fast food, fast delivery and also fast fashion. Although there are only 4 seasons in a year, some of the largest and most famous low-priced fashion stores continuously release new garments. But we often do not see the dangers of fast fashion.

The Museum Europäischer Kulturen reflects this in their exhibition by talking about the dark sides of fashion and the ways to improve it. This is because fashion, like most of the things around us, has become disposable, constantly evolving. But what is the price of all this?

To be able to sell so many goods at such a low price there must be something below the surface. In fact, as has emerged unfortunately too often in recent years, the weakest pay the price. Women, children, animals and the environment in less developed countries, where production is often located.

Exhibition – Dark sides of fashion

In Berlin it is possible to visit “Fast Fashion. The Dark Sides of Fashion,” an exhibition that reflects on fashion and its background, the environmental impact and the exploitation of the workforce.

The exhibition is currently available at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen, till the 02.08.2020,  including a section dedicated to low cost fashion. The goal is to focus on the negative aspect that hides behind fashion, the environmental impact and the waste that the production of clothing can cause. In addition to this, innovative proposals try to reduce and solve the problem. It could be a good opportunity to talk about an important topic and learn something new.

Moreover, the museum organizes various exhibitions and small events such as culture days, where it is possible to approach different European cultures through shows, exhibitions and projections.

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