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Online German course with fun and engaging live online classes. All in all, comprehensive, interactive and effective. New courses on all levels of CEFR begin on the first Monday of each month.

For learners from beginner to advanced, intensive or semi-intensive. Now, you can learn German online from top-notch instructors from Germany.

DAS Akademie has been at the forefront of teaching German as a foreign language since 1998. Our world-class language school designed its online German classes in keeping with the same spirit:

  • Speaking comes first
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Group dynamics matter

In all virtual classrooms, you can expect a small group and highly personalised content. In fact, all materials are curated to meet your learning needs. After all, the ultimate aim of language education is communicating in the target language.


Outstanding Quality


  • Live Online German Classes with 5 to 10 participants
  • Interactive video-conferencing and tutoring
  • All in one virtual learning platform
  • Hands on support and coaching
  • Custom work-sheets and assignments
  • From 156€ per month


Online German Course Features


In this online German course, you will learn German online from level A1 to C1, in line with the CEFR. Therefore, online German courses at DAS Akademie are an ideal stepstone for a language learning or study preparation visa.

Most importantly, you will develop:

  • solid communication skills
  • strong reading and hearing comprehension
  • confidence in using the German language in different settings


Learn German Online


An estimated 220 million people speak German in the world. Many international business have operations in Germany. Most companies employ German speaking professionals. Provided that you receive the right language education, you can start communicating with them right away. Simply contact us for more information on online German courses, and our team will gladly send you the details.


Live Online German Classes


Qualified teachers lead the live online German classes on Zoom. All students gain free access to Zoom when they sign up for the course. This software works on any device and provides an immersive learning experience. Thus, the students can interact with each other and the teacher. Furthermore, with Zoom we can collaborate on a whiteboard, share audio-visual content and exchange worksheets. In addition to Zoom, DAS Akademie provides you with 24/7 access a to unique e-learning software: MintiCity.


Meet an online German course instructor

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge whether I was asked for my opinion or not. When teaching German online, I can see the progression of my students and it is a great feeling to see their confidence grow. The expression on their face when something makes click and they understand a concept they have been struggling with is simply priceless.

Just about every lesson, we have at least one funny moment in online German courses. Since my students come from all over the world and have different family backgrounds, we experience each others somewhat private surroundings. Everyone’s reaction to suddenly hearing a rooster call or the surprising gong of a grandfather clock certainly count to the funniest moments.

What is MintiCity?


Your online German course comes along with free access to MintiCity. MintiCity is a learning management system dedicated to learn the German language online. The learning platform itself engages multiple senses and makes learners think in the target language. Minticity users can learn on their own, or together in the classroom through countless language-enhancing games. Game mechanics, such as collecting points, reaching different levels, accepting challenges, completing tasks and receiving rewards accelarate learning.  Collective games such as Mint-Olympics or a Who Wants to Be Minti-Millionaire turn learning reviews into fun and motivating events.

Minticity’s modular content allows online German course participants to perform tasks at their own level and speed. Through creating and sending their own modules to the learners, teachers can address personal strengths, weaknesses and learning needs. In fact, worksheets with self-created content is one of the most popular functions among the teachers. MintiCity also checks the homework or test results of participants and gives immediate feedback.