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One-to-one Spanish lessons in Berlin or online. Would you like to learn Spanish in the shortest amount of time with a great personal trainer? Our language school has picked the best Spanish teachers to make you speak Spanish in the dialect and variety* of your choice.

One-to-one Spanish Lessons: Key Features

For a consistent progress, we recommend you to take 2 lessons per week, twice per week. These block sessions can take place between 13:00 and 19:00 Berlin time. However, one-to-one Spanish lessons can also be taken at intervals and  a frequency that suits you the best.

1 lesson is 45 minutes. The more you book, the less you pay.

Course books are not included in the one-to-one Spanish lesson prices quoted below. In the event that you and your teacher agree on using a course book, this should be paid separately. However, in most cases, your teacher will prepare custom handouts and worksheets for you.

While all Spanish dialects follows the written standard with a few exceptions, all spoken varieties of Spanish differ from the written standard, to different extent. Thus, there are differences between European Spanish (in other words, Peninsular Spanish) and the Spanish of the Americas, as well as many different dialect regions both within Spain and within Latin America. One-to-one Spanish lessons at DAS Akademie consider these nuances and ensures that your knowledge is consistent and complete.



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