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One-to-One German Lessons are a perfect match for everyone with specific goals or a busy schedule. Without a doubt, the total focus will be on your progress to achieve the fastest results. Because we customize our One-to-One German Lessons based on your specific needs and availability.

Just for you!


Our One-to-One German Lessons in Berlin will drive your individual development. In effect, One-to-One German Lessons address your unique strengths and challenges. The scope of the private German lessons can range from preparing you for an exam to improving a certain set of skills. Since the lessons are for you, we guarantee full attention and tailored content to achieve your goals.

One-to-One lessons are ideal for those with a tightly knit schedule that makes it difficult to attend a regular course. In other words, you can decide on the time and frequency of the sessions. Have your plans changed? You can change your appointments with a 24 hours notice.

In addition to regular private German lessons, DAS Akademie also offers Master Classes, which means personal German language training for a very specific field or purpose. Would you like to learn German for your acting career? Do you need to learn jargon? Would you like to receive training for a job interview? Are you hearing impaired and need an expert instructor to make you speak? A Master Class at DAS Akademie will equip you with all the tools you ever need and make you overcome any boundaries.

We provide One-to-One German Lessons on different levels from A1 to C1. Since you learn much more and much faster, it takes half the time to complete a level with One-to-One German Lessons. To achieve the best results, we recommend 2 lessons in a block, 2 times per week.

Take One-to-One German Lessons with DAS Akademie


Teaching German is our specialty and our professional team is committed to your learning. DAS Team will provide you with the most relevant teacher to assist you the best in reaching your goals. Also, our team brings you and your teacher together for a proper consultation so that the lessons take place according to your wishes.

Below is a price list of our One-to-One German Lessons. The more lessons your book, the less you pay.

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes

Learning should be an experience of sharing knowledge. Here at DAS Akademie, we also offer Two-to-One German Lessons. Two people will share the price and learn together.

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes



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