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Looking for a summer German course in Berlin? Our international German Summer School in Berlin is now open and you can register for adults or children and youth!

Course Dates

DAS Akademie offers high value intensive German courses throughout the summer for learners of all ages. The summer programmes start on the 6th of July and the 3rd of August and can be booked for any length of time.

Program fee: 8 weeks 830,-€| 6 weeks 630,-€ | 4 weeks, 445,-€ | 2 weeks 249€

More information on adult intensive courses can be found on our page about intensive German courses.

Summer German Language Camp Dates (only for children and teenagers)

Our summer camp combines learning German with a 2-week holiday full of adventures.

For more information and registrations, please visit our dedicated website.

Intensive German Courses for Teenagers from A1.1 to C1.2

DAS German summer school offers intensive German courses for all levels.

Before the courses start, we divide the participants into small groups of no more than 12 students, according to their age and German language level. This ensures an intensive as well as effective learning experience. They will receive a total of 20 German lessons per week from our experienced and highly skilled teaching team. The lessons will focus on developing speaking skills alongside listening comprehension. Thus, each lesson will include a variety of educational games, and lots of fun and movement. Of course, students’ reading and writing skills will also be trained through the use of varied and age-specific teaching materials.

Accommodation during German Summer School for Teenagers in Berlin

The participants can be provided with a room in a shared flat, hostel or in the home of a Berlin family. DAS Akademie can also arrange accommodation for you with a host family on a self-catering, half-board, or breakfast-only basis.

  • Service Fee for organising accommodation: 40,-€
  • Rooms from 180,- € per week depending on the accommodation type

German Summer School

Visa Application for the Summer German School in Berlin

Before applying for a visa for learning the German language in our summer German course in Berlin, you will need written confirmation of your registration for a language course. This course should comprise of at least 20×45 minute units per week. After you register for a course at DAS Akademie and pay the course fee, we will send you an official confirmation of this. You will then need to forward this confirmation in its original form to the country’s responsible authority.