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Everyone speaks English everywhere. Do not let speaking be a barrier for you. Knowing the power of spoken language, DAS Akademie offers English Conversation Courses in Berlin. The courses make you speak better and confidently as well as expanding your vocabulary and grammar base.

Why should you join our English Conversation Courses in Berlin?

Speaking English with confidence is essential for you to express yourself and connect with your peers. Thus, we design our English Conversation Courses in Berlin to build your confidence in verbal communication. Our classes comprise a great deal of interactive activities so that you will speak a lot. Our native English-speaking teachers will improve your pronunciation, boost your vocabulary and show you how to think and feel in English. As a result, you will speak English more fluently.

Our English Conversation Courses in Berlin shift the focus to the spoken language. Hence, we promise that you will learn impressive words, figures of speech and the right intonation. Alongside, you will take a closer look at idioms, body language, norms and tips for communicating in different cultural contexts. You will grasp the essence of everyday English and speak more fluently and naturally.

Course Schedule

Our English Conversation Course in Berlin are for learners with pre-intermediate level and above. Our students should integrate their practice into their leisure time, which makes the experience more relaxing and joyful. The courses take place 2 days per week with 4 lessons in total.

4 lessons per week, 2 days per week, 2 lesson per day

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes

Tuition fee

The tuition fee includes all the learning materials.

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