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Did you know that one of the best ways to improve language skills is to listen to songs and sing out loud? The best way to learn a new language is to play with it. You better peel yourself away from your grammar books for a second and grab those speakers because it is time to listen to some contemporary German music and SING!

We made a playlist for you that will not only put you in a great mood but it will also help you discover a ton of new words. German music is a term that may not sound so sexy at first but let us surprise you with our top picks! We’re sure that after checking out these artists, your Spotify will never be the same.

In this article you can find the top ten German music artists we think you should follow ASAP. We adore these artists either for their fun lyrics or for their funky tunes.

WARNING before you continue: This article can cause many Ohrwurmer

#1 AnnenMayKantereit

We start off our German music list with one of our favourites: AnnenMayKantereit. This rock band from Cologne has been called “The voice of our generation” many times before. We think they definitely earned this title. Practice your German by learning their enchanting lyrics and sing along to the most beautiful rough voice you have ever heard.


#2 Wir sind Helden

Wir sind Helden (German translation for We are Heroes) is a German pop rock band that was based in Berlin and founded in 2000. From the moment they entered the German music scene, they have been enormously popular. Sadly, the group is on a hiatus at the moment and is not making any new music. But thank God we can still enjoy the catchy tunes and witty lyrics of their former songs, while we sit waiting for a new album…


#3 Cro

A German music list wouldn’t be a proper one without including some German rap. A popular German rapper is without a doubt Cro. Cro describes his music as a mixture of rap and pop and gave it the name “Raop”. We know him for his witty lyrics, feel good tunes and panda mask. Yes, you heard that right: this rapper is keeping his identity a secret by always wearing a panda mask.


#4 Namika

This singer-songwriter with Moroccan roots scored a big hit in 2015 with the song “Lieblingsmensch”. If you want to listen to some sweet, feel-good German music, you should definitely have a listen to Namika’s music!


#5 Clueso

Clueso is a German singer, rapper and songwriter who has released more than 7(!) albums already so you won’t run out of songs to listen to. His music is a mixture of electronic music, pop and hip-hop. Clueso is currently touring to promote his latest album Handgepäck so be quick and you might soon sing along to this German music in real life!


#6 Von Wegen Lisbeth

Von Wegen Lisbeth is an Indie-pop band founded in 2006 in Berlin. The band is known for their catchy upbeat sound and the integration of unusual instruments in their songs. The lyrics of the band are mainly written by singer Matthias Rohde, who integrates everyday situations and conversations into his songs. So the lyrics should be easily understandable for someone who wants to learn German through the magic of German music.


#7 Alligatoah

Another famous german rapper is Alligatoah. He is a rapper who has truly mastered the art of creating lyrics that are as well witty as they are accessible. This talented rapper also produces his own music to accompany his tight rap verses.


#8 Lea

Lea is a 26-year old singer-songwriter with a fragile but powerful voice. She writes about her own feelings and writes her own music on the piano. We can label her music as pop music. At the moment Lea has brought out 2 albums. Her first album is more on the melancholic side with deep lyrics. However, on her second album she shows a more upbeat rhythm. So whatever mood you’re in, I bet you there is a Lea song to accompany you! Our favourite:


#9 Ace Tee

We just discovered that the next TLC is probably German and is named Ace Tee. We absolutely love this breeze of fresh air that Ace Tee is bringing to the German hip-hop scene. The sound, the videoclip, her silky smooth voice have such an awesome nineties vibe that we at the office can’t get enough from! German music at his best.


#10 Bilderbuch

We are ending our awesome German music list with a band that is actually not from Germany but from Austria! This pop-rock band makes super catchy songs that work perfectly with the cool, aesthetically pleasing videos. Bilderbuch is the first Austrian band to ever make it in our list and we can’t wait to hear more Austrian artists.


So this was our top ten list of German music artists that we at DAS Akademie are a big fan of! We hope you enjoy these German songs as much as we do!

Viel Spaß!!