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Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. What a lovely afternoon!

We finally arrived at the magnificent castle, just in time for a huge thunderstorm!

“The Belvedere is found on the North side of the Charlottenburger Schloss (Charlottenburg Palace), amidst an enchanted garden,” My guide book stated.

“Well, at least it’s not raining” Said a fellow student from DAS Akademie. “And the garden is beautiful.”

Charlottenburger Schloss

A sudden downpour left us speechless, hearing only the sound of falling rain on hard concrete.

“It must be this way!” Another student shouted. We dashed a long, past the back side of the enormousness Charlottenburger Schloss. “My map says it’s located here!” I told the group.

We were out of luck. Before I could say “Berliner curry wurst” my clothes were soaking wet. My summer-ready rain jacket also.

Last Friday we decided to visit the museum after German class. My class mates were enthusiastic about seeing the Porcelain collection, housed in the museum there.

“The Belvedere was  designed by Karl Gotthard Langhans and erected in 1788. Built in the late baroque, classical style the Belvedere was intended to be a gazebo and tea house for the Prussian Queen and King.” My guide book explained.

At this point I was starting to feel nervous and almost wanted to give up our quest. I could feel the mud seeping between my toes.

“There it is!” A fellow student shouted!

Just beyond the trees, something caught my eye. The the Belvedere, suitable for a princess. We ran the last 40 yards to the Belvedere out of excitement (and to avoid the rain).

Reaching the door, I pushed with all of my might. The door did not budge. “No way!” I thought. Then I pulled with all of my might. To my dismay, the door still didn’t budge.


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