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C2 German Language Course: Face-to-face or online

You have levelled up to a C2 German Course Level! This means that you have completed all beginner and intermediate courses, and half of the advanced course. Congrats on the big achievements, but your journey isn’t over yet.

Your level of German language is now at a stage where you can attend meetings, for example an ‘Anmeldung’ application, in German, and go about your daily life using your new second language.

If you have spent some time in Germany and experienced the language and culture as a local, you can then move on to a C2 German Course face-to-face or online and learn the following grammar topics:

What will I learn in a C2 German course?

Grammar Topics

  • Using the passive tense
  • Various subjunctives of German verbs
  • Adjective endings
  • How to use adjectives as participles
  • How to work with modal verbs

What will I be able to do at the end of a C2 German Course?

  • Understand almost all spoken native-language
  • Summarise written or spoken language accurately without having to search for a word or make corrections.
  • Express yourself fluently and precisely and pick up on finer details of language.


In summary, after you have completed the C2 German Course, your life in Germany will almost definitely take off! You will be able to handle any situation you are faced with by speaking accurate German with an endless amounts of impressive language. Strangely, having the C2 German Course certificate will be the cherry on the cake and give you the confidence to go out, make friends, and pick up even more impressive words and phrases!

C2 german course online

Learn German anywhere with our C2 german course online.

At this point, you will most likely be in Germany for professional or academic reasons. In this case, nothing more will hold you back from starting a great life in Germany.

If you are new to Berlin and need assistance in settling down, the official website for Berlin is a good place to start.

If you have not yet spent time in Germany and experienced life and culture as a local, you have reached the course limit for now! This is only because a C2 Language Level is almost impossible to obtain just from language courses. From here, we would recommend that you spend more time in Germany, rather than just coming for a short visit, for example.

C2 German Course

What is the price of a C2 German Course?

If you’d like to learn German at a faster pace in an intensive course, the cost of one sub-level, such as A1.1, is 480€. In fact, each level consists of two sub-levels, but if you’d want to book the sub-levels C2.1 and C2.2, the cost is 890€. As you can see, the longer you book, the less you pay.

If you work during the day and have time for evening courses, it takes 10 weeks to complete 1 sub-level, which costs 448€. Alternately, you could sign up for the whole C2 Evening Course, which would cost 880€ and last 20 weeks.

To find a more detailed information on the CEFR levels, check out our German Course Levels page.

How do I sign up?

Since you have learned the German language until level C2, we kindly invite you to take our free placement test, which consists of two steps – a short written part and an informal chat with one of our teachers. From there, we will be able to determine which course is best for you.

If you like what you see and would like to sign up today, or you have any other general questions, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!