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C1 German Language Course: Face-to-face or online

You are now at a stage where you can move on to a C1 German Course face-to-face or online. C1 is the first advanced level of German course, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. This means that you are now at a level where living in Germany and communicating with locals will almost seem second nature!

What will I learn in a C1 German Course and how will it help me?

A C1 German Course face-to-face or online is really where you start to apply your existing knowledge of German and the German culture to the topics you learn about. You will need to  use a combination of reading, writing, listening, but mostly speaking, to express your ideas and opinions fluently.

Grammar Topics
  • Verb Tenses
  • Verbs in different subjunctives

  • Separable and inseparable verbs

  • Relative clauses

What will an C1 German Course teach me?
  • How to understand a range of longer and more complex texts.

  • How to express yourself effectively without having to pause to find the right words or correct yourself.

  • Communicate efficiently in German in everday situations.

In short, the C1 German level is all about carefree communication and the analysis of more in-depth topics. You will no longer have to worry about a language barrier between you and the cashier in the supermarket, or between you and your neighbour.

C1 german course online

Learn German anywhere with our C1 german course.

You may want to continue to learn German for professional or academic reasons, for example if you have recently started a new job in Germany or have moved here to study.

If you have recently moved to Berlin and need more information or professional assistance, the official website for Berlin is a good place to fine all the information you’ll need.

C1 German Course

What if I already have existing knowledge of German and want to go further?

If you already know German and need to pick up where you left off, we will offer you our free placement test. This test is made up of two short sections: a multiple-choice writing section, in which you will answer a range of grammar questions, and a casual conversation with one of our teachers. This test needs to be done so that we can determine which course suits you and your individual needs best.

What is the price of a C1 German Course?

If you’d like to learn German quickly in an intensive course, the cost of one sub-level, such as C1.1 or C1.2, is 480€. Each level consists of two sub-levels, but if you’d want to book an entire C1 course, the total cost is 890€. So, the more you book, the less you pay.

If you have a busy daytime schedule and can only manage of our evening courses, it takes 10 weeks to complete one sub-level, which costs 448€. Alternatively, you could sign up for the whole C1 Evening Course, which would cost 880€ and last 20 weeks.

To find a more detailed overview of levels and  information on corresponding prices, check out our German Course Levels page.

How do I sign up?

If you have advanced knowledge of German but haven’t had lessons at DAS Akademie before, we kindly invite you to take our free skills assessment test. Based on the results, we will be able to identify the best course for you.

To take part, simply register here or contact us at anytime and we can organise a time which suits you.

Please note that if you haven’t yet spent time in Germany and experienced life as a local, this is the last German Level that we can offer until you have. This is simply because C2 is described as having native-like proficiency, and this is difficult to achieve by just having lessons.