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Biesdorfer Blütenfest at a Glance

Date and time:

For the moment, because of the Covid crisis, we aren’t give you a definite date until the situation is resolved. Normally, the Blütenfest takes place from May 13th to 16th 2021.

Location: Biesdorf castle (Schloss Biesdorf)

Alt-Biesdorf 55, 12683 Berlin

Admission: Free

Official site of Biesdorfer Blütenfest

Another unmissable festival for spring lovers! Here you can enjoy the spring vibes in a totally different way at Biesdorf castle from 13th to 16th May 2021 (Corona permitting). Biesdorfer Blütenfest (Biesdorfer Flow Festival) takes you to a traditional and ancient spring festival.

150th Birthday of the Biesdorf Castle

Biesdorfer Blütenfest is taking place to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Biesdorf castle. The festival is also good timing for a well-deserved weekend with your family. Biesdorfer Blütenfest starts on Father’s Day and ends on Mother’s Day. A blooming colourful garden and the fresh air surrounding the Biesdorf castle is the perfect setting for a family day out. Lively German country music will cheer you up as you walk to a relaxing and joyful place where your soul can rest. In order to make the most out of the experience, you can grab some wine and tasty pastries from the food stalls. There are also small open air concerts featuring classical and country music performances, as well as different kinds of shows taking place at Parkbuehne Biesdorf and Festwiese an der Nordpromenade during the festival. If you are a fan of classical music, note that Classic Picknick may be more than a great place for you. As the name suggests, you can just chill out on the grass while eating, drinking and enjoying live classical music.

The Ideal Outdoor Festival for Families with Kids

Looking for something nice to do outside with your children? Children are of course welcome to Biesdorfer Blütenfest. They can find their own world at Kinderwiese am Teehaus. Here, magic performances and puppet shows are the highlights of the day, and many fairy tales are told. Let your kids feel like they are in “Alice in Wonderland” with endless entertaining shows at Biesdorfer Blütenfest.

During the festival, do not forget to explore Biesdorfer castle. This venue has over-a-century of art and culture history waiting to be explored. Tours are usually provided on the weekends in May. An ancient fairy world will be awaiting for you. The admission is free for families and children alike.