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Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Berlin? Find a starter’s guide here! Berlin is known for being the capital with the most vegan-friendly restaurants. We have collected all the best vegan places in Berlin that you must try out if you’re passionate about vegan food! In Berlin, vegan does not at all mean boring! so big is the variety of vegan food in the capital, that everybody finds something that they like! Italian, Mexican, Japanese, it doesn’t matter, in Berlin you will find a vegan version of it! Check out the following places and explore Berlin through its cuisine!

Which are the best vegan restaurants in Berlin?

Our team tried several options available in Berlin and now, we proudly present our favourite vegan restaurants in Berlin according to our own experiences!

Secret Garden

Starting off with a Kyoto inspired restaurant, our first choice is a restaurant that serves a dish that is traditionally non-vegan. Secret Garden has found a way to serve sushi without the fish. Alongside sushi, Secret Garden filled their menu with Japanese food: From dumplings to summer rolls, or a traditional soup, they have it all! The variety and quality therefore make this one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin. What certainly is worth checking out, is the vegan shoe store next to the restaurant!

Location: Warschauer Straße 33


Who doesn’t like sitting for hours at the dining table and getting served course after course? Kopps is the perfect place to eat in a more luxurious setting. All of their fine dining-style cuisine is of course vegan, but they have taken food to the next level so that they can reach the people who like to dine in comfort. They use regional ingredients and serve their meals in an unreal setting. This place is a bit more expensive but you certainly get what you pay for. It’s location is very central and easy to reach by public transport.

Location: Linienstraße 94 (Mitte)

Santa Cantina

With such a big variety of people living in Berlin, the food industry has adapted to the demand and offers a huge range of different food. The next restaurant on our list does does not disappoint. Santa Cantina is a Mexican restaurant that serves classical Mexican dishes with a few veggie and vegan options. The vegan tacos steal our hearts away and are certainly award-winning in our books!

Location: Oranienstrasse 170


Of course when we are talking about Berlin and food, we cannot forget to mention the Turkish Döner. As both a döner-capital and vegan city, Berlin is proud to have a compromise. Vöner has created the vegan Döner. They serve traditional vegetarian and vegan dishes and they can often be found standing at festivals as a food stand. They took it upon themselves to be as ethically responsible as possible, and stay away from the usual fast-food chain sterotype. Their vegan döner is freshly prepared every day to give us the best experience while stuffing ourselves with great food. This place absolutely makes it onto our list of best vegan restaurants in Berlin. They firstly settled a shop in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, and are now opening in more and more places such as Leipzig, Kassel and Bonn.

Location: Boxhagener Str. 56

1990 Vegan Living

The last restaurant on this list is the staff’s personal favourite! 1990 Vegan Living is a Vietnamese restaurant. Using the words topical, delicious, tasty and cosy to describe their food, they serve incredible dishes with only home-made, organic ingredients. The very cosy interior gives off the feeling that you are sitting happily at your grandmother’s table. The restaurant isn’t that big, which means you have no choice other than to embrace the comfortable, familiar feeling. The ultimate show stoppers in this Vietnamese restaurant are the numerous types of tapas with their delicious sides – an absolute must-try!

Enjoy the Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin!

As a vegan, you certainly will not be going hungry while in Berlin. More and more restaurants have introduced alternatives for vegetarians and vegans, but be sure to check first before being disappointed! Here, we have definitely given you a choice of some all-time favourites. Which do you want to try first?

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