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Berlin: Best City to Learn German

Learn German in Berlin at our central language school for the perfect opportunity to dive into a rich cultural life. Known as the city of freedom, Berlin is home to amazing people from all over the world. Here, you can meet them and discover something new everyday.

Without a doubt, attending regular classes is necessary to improve your German skills. Still, only frequent practice makes learning a new language possible. In addition to a hands on and activity-based teaching method, we offer events, excursions and outings to make you speak.

We offer both intensive and evening courses for complete beginners to advanced learners. With our motto “We make you speak,” we focus on improving your communication skills. Moreover, our intensive German courses in Berlin are the ideal stepstone before commencing studies at a German university.



What makes Berlin special?

The multicultural city of “Berlin” offers a unique mix of activities ranging from the vibrant underground scene to the mainstream sights. The international environment invites you to live freely and broadens your perspective by getting to know people from all different walks of life. Not only that, but the city is the perfect place for young people due to its amazing night life, bars, art exhibitions and cheap food. Moreover, the city presents opportunities for international students to study for free while having an extensive range of international courses. Below, we will highlight our spots and tips for students wanting to move to Berlin.


Housing Berlin

Looking for a place in Berlin might be challenging due to the high demand. Though, it is slightly cheaper to live in comparison to other big cities such as Paris, Amsterdam & Dublin. If you are moving to Berlin and looking for an apartment, then you can check out Nomaden Berlin’s accommodation packages. Nomaden offers 1 to 3 months of private studio accommodation as well as an address registration (Anmeldung) service to help you get settled in the German capital while you look for a longer-term place to call home.  If you would like to search for accommodation independently, then wg-gesucht might be one of the most useful tools. The website offers fair prices without charging a booking fee and has a considerable amount of daily offers. Other sites you may consider are spotathome and housinganywhere.


Festivals in Berlin

Food Berlin


Berlin is known as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. You can find several vegan restaurants in any area in Berlin, but our favorite place to enjoy vegan food is 1990. The Vietnamese restaurant which has been established a year after the fall of the wall is situated in Boxhagener Platz, Friedrichshain.


Even though you can find a kebab place on every corner of the street in Berlin, Mustafa’s is by far the most popular place to go to. While the queues might be considerably long, the quality of the food is superior to anything you have tried before. We recommend you to try the döner kebab which was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1972.


In 2006, Burgermeister opened its first restaurant in the former vintage toilet Kottbusser tor. Since then, it has established in different parts in Berlin. The chain-restaurant opens its doors at 11 AM and closes up at 4 AM, making it the perfect place for a late evening snack.


Club Scene in Berlin

Clubs Berlin



Berlin is a city known for its underground techno clubs. While there is a big selection of clubs to choose from, Berghain is by far the best known with people lining up for hours for a chance to get in. You should be aware of the strict door policies and try to get in on Sundays. For more information, you can check out how to get into Berghain.


Tresor is one of the pioneers in the techno scene in Berlin opening its door in 1991. Since then it has established itself as one of the main go-to clubs in Berlin. While it is always fun going to Tresor, there are certain parties that are better than others. We would recommend you going to Herrensauna, which is a favorite among the LGBTQI+ crowd.


Griessmeuhle, located in the heart of Neukölln “Sonnenallee” is not only a techno club, but includes art exhibition, markets and workshops. With its big outside area, it is the perfect place to go to during the spring and summer months. Though, it is also a good choice for the colder winter days containing two dance areas inside.


Berlin events

Cultural Events Berlin



Nowadays, the former power station at Köpernicke Straße is used for multicultural activities. Here, you can enjoy art exhibitions, work shops, music events, etc. Kraftwerk is described as an experimental space for large-scale productions who need a space that no other institution in Berlin offers.

Flea Market at Mauerpark

Every Sunday between 10 AM and 6 PM, numerous private sellers join together at the flea market at Mauerpark to sell their personal belongings. With that, a big crowd of locals and tourists come visit the popular spot in the hopes of finding a good bargain or a unique treasure.


“Buchstabenmuseum” or “the museum of Letters” attracts typography lovers from around the world with its 3D letter forms. Here, you will find neon signs and cutouts displayed in eye-catching positions that will make you fall in love with the place.


Shopping Berlin

Berlin has several nice shopping areas to offer. While you might be overwhelmed with the choices, we recommend you checking out Hackescher Markt and Kurfürstendamm area. Both areas have a diverse selection of stores in a medium price range. For vintage lovers with a limited budget, Humana might be the perfect choice. The store is located in different location in Berlin with its biggest establishment being on the corner at Frankfurter Tor.