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Everyone knows that the city of Berlin has a lot to offer. A Berlin weekend comes with hundreds of possibilities, here you can get just a few ideas to make the most of your weekend.

Biergarten for a Berlin Weekend

Once the weather starts getting warmer, heading outdoors can be a great idea. You could therefore go to a Biergarten. As the name “Biergarten” suggests, these are gardens where you can go for a drink (or two). Still, it is not only about the beer, but also about the people. Here you can share a table with other people and enjoy a little chit chat.

Your Berlin weekend should definitely include a visit to Prater or Zollpackhof. Prater, the oldest Biergarten in Berlin, has a great atmosphere when the sunset arrives. The latter will allow you to take in the views at a great location by the river with your dog (and of course other people)!

Needless to mention, these are not the only Biergärten or parks available. Prost!

Museums for a Berlin Weekend

It may be complicated to visit all the museums in Berlin over a weekend since there are around 170! For this reason, here are some great options to enrich your weekend.

In Berlin, you can enjoy exhibitions featuring anything from classical art to the newest masterpieces. As an alternative, visit the Museum für Naturkunde to learn more about a range of scientific history topics such as dinosaurs and meteorites. Another option can be the Neues Museum where you can enjoy some magnificent Egyptian art. If you prefer modern and contemporary art, then the Hamburger Bahnhof museum is the right place for you!

Nightlife during the weekend

As already mentioned before, Berlin offers hundreds of options so that everyone gets to have fun. Obviously this is also the case for the nightlife. In fact, you will only get to know the true colours of some districts during a night out there. Some examples are Augustsstraße, Torstraße or Wrangelstraße.

Moreover, remember that any club in Berlin is one of a kind. Every club and bar has its own unique atmosphere and visitors. You can find any kind of music to listen to, from techno to salsa, including places with jazz, rock or blues.

All in all, it doesn’t matter in what mood you are in, Berlin will be there to entertain you.