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Become a Host Family

Ever wanted to become a host family in Berlin? In fact, we are always looking for host families or rooms for rent in Berlin for our intensive German course students. Needless to say, they come from all over the world to learn the German language and culture. While some would like to continue their studies here, others would like to practice their profession in Germany.

Become a Host Family in Berlin

Our host families in Berlin receive regular inquiries throughout the year. In the first place, we share the details of the incoming requests from our students. If the host family confirms their availability, we pass on their conditions and contact details to our students. Of course, we also assist with the communication throughout the placement process.

In case you would like to become a host family in Berlin, just fill out and send the form at the end of this page. To begin with,  include details such as the location, size and rent of the room.
host family in berlin

Student Accommodation in Berlin

DAS Akademie wishes to make studying German abroad an easy experience for international students. Therefore, we also search other types of affordable accommodation for our intensive German course students in Berlin. That is to say, you too can support a student as long as you have an available apartment or a room in a shared flat.

The rental period usually depends on the length of the course and varies between 4 weeks and 8 months. Should you decide to rent your room or apartment to our students, we will ensure that they will understand and respect your conditions. In return, we expect you to provide them a safe and friendly home in Berlin.

In brief, hosting students is easy.  So, try out being a host family in Berlin for a rich and rewarding experience.

Are you interested? Fill out the form below.



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