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B2 German Language Course: Face-to-face or online

A B2 German Course is the halfway point in the CEFR Framework. Learning B2 level German means that you have completed three levels, and ready to do some serious speaking.

What is covered in a B2 German Course?

Generally, moving the second half of the intermediate stage of a German course is where you refine your skills and can start living, and maybe even working, in German. You will learn more complex aspects of the language such as:

Grammar Topics
  • The passive 
  • Connectors which change the position of other important words

  • Development of the subjunctive

  • More about prepositions

What will a B2 German Course teach me?
  • How to express advantages, disadvantages and opinions relating to topical texts.

  • How to communicate effectively with a local or native-speaker with a certain level of fluency and little restriction.

To sum up, you’ll easily manage to communicate with others in situations which are most likely to occur. You are also able to switch between tenses such as past and present to express your current opinions, past experiences and future wishes. This means that there will be little restriction when speaking with native-speakers.

B2 german course online

Learn German anywhere with our B2 german course online.

Another huge advantage of completing a B2 German Course face-to-face or online is that you will be able to write a German CV and cover letter in German, meaning applying for and finding a new job in Germany will be made ten times easier. Additionally, your German knowledge will be pristine enough to take part in a job interview in German, meaning you can impress your potential employer before you even have to talk about yourself or your CV.

Why is it essential to boost your German progression?

Berlin is a multicultural city full of resources. As the capital of Germany and located in the heart of Europe, Berlin offers a huge range of international groups and opportunities. With our B2 German course face-to-face or online, you will definitely be able to apply for any job in such international companies. This professional dimension is useful if you want to start a career abroad or just expand your international services. You will be able to talk with natives and therefore feel like a true part of a city bursting with opportunities.

B2 German Course

In our B2 German intensive course, students discuss, collaborate and create.

What if I already have existing knowledge of German and want to go further?

If you have existing knowledge of German and would like to pick up where you left off, we invite you to take a free placement test. This is made up of two short sections: a multiple-choice writing section, in which you will be faced with a range of grammar questions, and an informal discussion with one of our teachers. It’s nothing to worry about, and only needs to be done so that we can determine which course is the best for you and your individual needs.

How much does a B2 German Course cost?

If you’d like to learn German as quickly as possible, an intensive course is the right way to go. One sub-level takes 4 weeks to complete and costs 480€. Each level is made up of two sub-levels. So, if you want to complete the whole level, the course would take 8 weeks, but you would only pay 890€.

The same applies for your second option. In an evening course, you will benefit from 5 hours of teaching spread across two evenings in the week. One sub-level takes 10 weeks to complete and costs 448€. However, if you want to stick at it and complete the whole B2 German course, the price is 880€ for 20 weeks.

All of our courses follow the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and you can also refer to the detailed price list per course type/level.

What materials do I need for a B2 German Course?

Using a textbook is not mandatory, yet highly recommended. Teachers might, therefore, request students to purchase a course book. If a textbook is agreed on, the price of the course book is not included in the course fee.

How do I sign up?

So, would you like to level up to B2? If you would like to attend an interactive B2 German language course with DAS Akademie, simply register here or contact us so that we can find the perfect match for you! Moreover, you are more than welcome to swing by our language school anytime to have a chat and book your course.