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Language Course Accommodation in Berlin: Where to Stay

accommodation berlin

Looking for a German language course with accommodation in Berlin? Here you will find some useful and interesting information about accommodation in Berlin.

How much does it cost to study the German language in Germany, including accommodation?

When planning your language studies in Berlin, you need to take the following main expenses into consideration: The course fee, accommodation, utilities, health insurance, public transport and food. Depending on the duration of the language course, the weekly cost of your studies will differ. At DAS Akademie, the more lessons you book, the less you pay. For example, one week of tuition in an intensive German class costs 145,-€, whereas 12 weeks of tuition costs 2.229,-€  (only 102,-€ per week).

Your monthly rent will depend on the accommodation type of your choice. Unfortunately, we are not a language school with accommodation on campus.

Types of Accommodation in Berlin

Here are a few lodging types in Berlin to choose from:

Host Family

If you would like to live with a local family to practice your German skills, then we can search for a suitable host family. This type of accommodation in Berlin is especially suitable for young German learners and the weekly rent depends on whether the meals are included or excluded.

• Available from 180,-€ per week

Shared Accommodation in Berlin

You will have a single room in a private apartment and live there with one or more other people. The bathroom and kitchen are usually shared. Prices vary depending on location, size and condition of the apartment/room, and the time of year.

• From 500,-€ per month

Apartment House/ Student Residence

You rent a room in a student residence, or a whole apartment for 1 or 2 people. The prices differ depending on the location, size and the condition of the apartment. Please also note that apartments in student residences are not always available. We will check availability once we have received your course registration.

Hostel or Hotel

For short-term stays of up to 2 weeks, you can choose between single rooms and dormitories in a hostel or a hotel. There are many hostels and hotels close to the language school in Berlin (5-15 minutes on foot) and our partnerships secure us fair rates. In 2020, the lowest prices we were able to offer to our students were as follows:

•  23, –€ per night in a dorm room

* The above prices are a guideline only. Prices vary depending on the length of the stay, the nature of the accommodation, and the time of the year.