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Learn German online and make better use of your time at home during the Covid-19 crisis. Even though the rush of daily life has suddenly been put to a stop, it doesn’t have to mean that ALL activities have to stop. This is an opportunity for many to get creative and spend time on interests and hobbies they’ve neglected.

Our current students can continue their classes as usual. Only now, from the comfort of their own home instead of in their beloved language school. Nonetheless, registration for new students is still open. Now more than ever might be the time for YOU to take that language course you’ve been postponing until now… Here are 5 reasons why!

#1 comfortable learning environment

First of all, as mentioned before, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Although the chairs at DAS Akademie are quite comfortable, nothing compares to your own couch. Your dinner table, on the other hand, will give you a better working surface. The choice is completely up to you, whatever makes you feel better. A study by the US Department of Education has shown that online learning was more effective, partially because of the fact that you create your own perfect study environment. The article states that a combination of online learning, together with an instructor, is the most effective way of achieving your learning goals. So, settle in, get a drink and snack, and start learning! You can even go to your kitchen for a refill whenever you want.

#2 make better use of technology

Online learning requires the participants to go online. Obviously, although not evident for everyone out there. For people who rarely use technology it can be a quite an experience. Ultimately, taking part in a virtual class isn’t difficult at all because of the program’s simplicity. We automatically send you an email with instructions and you receive a reminder before every class. By following the instructions, you’ll get a basic understanding of the functions that compose your virtual classes, meaning how the camera, microphone and text elements work together in order to create an effective learning environment.

#3 learn German online and fight boredom

The days in quarantine can get quite boring, especially when you can’t leave your house for a fun activity or a get together with your friends. It makes it especially difficult, if not impossible, to meet new people. The online language courses of DAS Akademie are here to make your days a little more eventful. As usual, our class groups consist of no more than 12 students, so this is your chance to add a little more excitement to your day and have some contact with people that aren’t your roommates or family.

The extent to which people are still able to do their jobs properly from home varies from profession to profession. It is a fact, on the other hand, that most people have less job-related things to do, might want to refocus their time on something else. Taking a German course might be the perfect choice to do that!

#4 personal development

The third reason why you should learn German online, is for your personal development. Online learning makes it possible to learn something new, without you having to sacrifice too much time other than the actual class. Everyone is supposed to spend some more time at home nowadays, with less time having to be spend on social activities. This leaves some more time for “extracurricular activities” like learning German. Although Germany is a pretty international country with lots of opportunities, being able to speak German remains one of the most important skills to get a job. So use your time in quarantine wisely and learn a new skill that will benefit you when all of this is over

#5 learn German online with efficiency

The online platform we use feels almost as real as an actual classroom. The various features make it possible to do things you wouldn’t even think were possible. It is a very interactive tool, in which all participants can contribute in countless ways. They can for example all write on the “whiteboard”, without having to stand up! The participants and instructor can distribute information in the form of documents and pictures very easily and can even share their screen to the show anything they like and take others on a journey.

Online learning does not equal real life learning, but it is important to acknowledge its many perks and realize that it can actually benefit you in ways you didn’t expect.

The online German courses are open for registration, so visit our website and book your online course now!