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Are you living in Berlin or simply just visiting as a tourist? Either way, DAS Akademie has put together their top 10 must-see Museums in Berlin for the perfect day out. We have hand picked some of the less well-known ones to really create a unique experience for our readers. From history to art, Berlin has a huge variety of unforgettable trips so that there is something for everybody. Have a read and get ticking these hidden museums off your list!

Museums in Berlin: A guide to our top 10

1. Buchstabenmuseum

The museum of letters is high on our list because it’s concept is so unique. With over 1,000 examples of letters, logos, and signs, this one is sure to be a hit amongst budding writers. The founders of the museum have been saving the letters and symbols since 2005. This, therefore, means that a trip to this museum would have a modern feel. Located at Stadtbahnbogen 424, there are lots of transport links available. We think it is the perfect site for any up-and-coming designers. Definitely not one to be missed!

2. Futurium

Ever wondered what the future will be like? The Futurium is located in the heart of the city, at Alexanderufer 2, and will attract those interested in shaping their future. Its innovative architecture will catch your eye and you will discover discussions and interactive activities on the inside. It presents the challenges of the future and how we, as individuals, have the ability to change it. The panoramic views of the city and River Spree are also a huge pull factor to this unique museum.

3. Museum der Stille

We think The Museum of Silence is the perfect place for those wanting to escape the chaos and bustle of busy Berlin! The idea was coined by Russian painter Nikolai Makarov, who aimed for a source of complete tranquillity. As you step foot on the noise-cancelling carpets, you will be transported into a world of silence with only art work to focus on. If you are looking for an afternoon of reflection, then this one is for you.

4. Urban Nation

This free visit will attract all budding contemporary artists as they unlock a hidden world of the history behind graffiti. Firstly, what becomes clear when walking the streets of Berlin is the imaginative art on every wall, lamppost or even U-Bahn carriage. At Urban Nation, you can discover how this came to be as well as other impressive history and facts about art. The exhibition at Bülowstraße 7 takes you on a journey of a topic that we can appreciate everywhere today: Urban Art.

5. Illuseum Museum in Berlin

Museums in Berlin

This museum welcomes every age and personality – it is full of exciting interactive activities that will leave you absolutely fascinated. Let your mind be opened to the magical world of optical illusions at the Illuseum Museum, and let your imagination run free. Don’t question why, but simply allow yourself to enter this creative and often mind-boggling space in the centre of Berlin at Karl-Liebknecht-Str 9.

6. Puppentheater Museum

This museum exposes the technical art of puppetry and is home to all sorts of wonders from the past. At The Puppentheater Museum in Karl-Marx-Straße 135, you can discover the history of puppet theatre. Not only this, but the museum collects puppets from all over the world, for example puppets from Asia, Africa and Europe. There are also often puppet performances on offer – so get there quick to avoid missing out!

7. Jugend Museum in Berlin

This museum is something for the young learners who get the chance to learn all about German history in a fun way. The Youth Museum entertains those young historians who want to see Berlin’s history unravel through the method of acting. Go on this journey with your little ones in the pretty Schöneberg Villa and experience various different eras of time. It is sure to stir up excitement and create a memorable day out.

8. Kunstgewerbemuseum:

Calling all future designers and fashion lovers – the Museum of Decorative Arts in the Kultur Forum has been renovated and welcomes new visitors. Follow the red signs around the building and discover each creative exhibition room. Each covers a multitude of styles, materials and themes. Mannequins decorate the museum, each one modelling costumes and accessories from over 150 years of fashion history. In short, you get to unleash your inner designer when you visit the Forum!

9. Musikinstrumenten Museum:

museum berlin

Music fanatics alike will love the Musical Instrument Museum, located in Tiergartenstraße 1. The museum itself collects European classical musical instruments from the 16th to the 21st century, with a collection of almost 3,200 instruments in total. Even the oldest of instruments are still intact and you can therefore hear the sounds that run throughout European history. Perhaps the most notable exhibit is Frederick II of Prussia’s flute collection or the harpsichords of Bach and Frederick the Great.

10. DDR Museum

Of course, in the last spot on our list, we had to include one of the most iconic museums in Berlin – the DDR Museum. We love this one in particular because of its interactive qualities. Firstly, you get to experience what life was really like in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, otherwise known as socialist East Germany. Next you can, set foot in an East German living room in order to really capture the feeling of time travel (die Zeitreise). For all ages and all levels of knowledge of this era, the DDR Museum allows visitors to gain a rich understanding of the past.

Ready to take on the adventure?

Now you have 10 new museums in Berlin under your belt, it is time to get out there and see them! Check out our regular blogs to discover even more upcoming exhibitions at different museums in Berlin. Additionally, if you are interested in all things German culture, why not get to grips with the language! DAS Akademie is a German language school in Berlin that places huge emphasis on speaking more fluently. Why not check out the classes which we have on offer to suit you and your ability?