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Beyond a German Language School in Berlin.

#1 Language School in Berlin

More than just a German language school in Berlin, DAS Akademie is best known for its first-rate German courses in Berlin. Since 1998, cutting-edge quality has shaped our dynamic programs. Our trendsetting method is based on 100% practice. In effect, learning languages here means learning to speak. As a result, we rank among the best language schools in Germany.

German language school near me?

Where is the best German language school near me? No matter where and when, DAS Akademie is by your side if your aim is to speak “Deutsch.” We will make you speak, because we are quite the learner-centred, fun-loving and speaking-oriented German school. In addition to face to face or online courses for exam or study preparation, we offer intensive German language courses right at the centre of Berlin.

Digital campus in Berlin

Expect nothing else but real classroom dynamics in our exclusive online classrooms. Start studying a new language in our digital Berlin campus now and secure a 20% discount. Join our next A1 level German course in the evenings or in the mornings. If you wish, you can try a live lesson for free. Whether intensive or semi-intensive,  curriculums of our language school are certified and recognised.

Face-to-face classes returning!

Among the language schools in Berlin, DAS Akademie offers the most interactive in person classes. Since the 31st May 2021, we are offering our long awaited face-to-face teaching again. You can find out which restrictions and regulations are still in place to ensure safe teaching here.

German language school berlin

Learn languages & make friends!

2021 Course Dates, schedules & Prices

Among the German language schools in Berlin, DAS Akademie sets itself apart with its 22 years of experience. Ready to learn German in Berlin in our German intensive or evening courses and make friends along the way? If you’d like to learn other languages, explore a selection of our upcoming language courses below:

A1.2 German Evening

25.01.22, Tue & Thu, 19:00-21:30

B1.1 German Intensive

31.01.22, Mon – Fri, 10:00-13:15

B2.2 German Evening Online

01.02.22 Tue & Thu, 19:00-21:30

A1.1 German Intensive

07.02.22 Mon – Fri, 10:00-13:15

B2.1 German Intensive

07.02.22 Mon – Fri, 10:00-13:15

C1.1 German Evening Online

07.02.22 Mo & Wed, 19:00-20:30

B2/C1 English Conversation 

07.02.22 Mon & Wed, 19:00 – 21:30

A1.1 German Evening

15.02.22 Tue & Thu, 19:00 – 21:30

German language school in Berlin

Looking for the best language school in Berlin? If so, we cordially invite you to our retro classrooms where modern languages find real-world application.

In our Berlin language school, you will benefit from first class teachers, engaging lessons and great group dynamics. Our superior language courses for adults and children on all levels from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) run all year around.

Language School Reviews

From the beginning, we encourage you to speak in our Berlin language school. By the same token, all our German, English, Spanish or Turkish courses are excellent conversation courses with a focus on speaking. In fact, our students praise this approach the most in their reviews.

What our students say

Großartig! I discovered this lovely Berlin language school through a flyer. Everyone in DAS Team is congenial and helpful. My first consultation was really helpful and made me feel motivated. They provided me with such a great learning environment and a fabulous teacher! As a matter of fact, I enjoyed every class and had great fun. In my opinion, this must be the best language school in Berlin. Keep on rocking!

Chiara S.

Teachers, staff and students at DAS Akademie are incredibly nice and fun to be around. Learning by doing was a new experience for me and your method left a really strong impression. Moreover, I can actually remember everything we did in class! For example, here is one word which I will never forget: “verkuppeln” (pander) 🙂 Thank you for the great coffee and for making this gem of a language school such a comfortable place for eyeryone!

Mario G.

The whole team is genuinely friendly. Most importantly, their German courses in Berlin are great (communicative and dynamic). I chose this language school because of the competitive prices, interesting methodology and the central location of the school in Berlin. I recommend this language school to everyone due to the positive experience I had. Since the first day, they made me feel a part of the family.

Oleksandr M.

Services for a great start

Language school berlin visa

Language Study Visa

As an internationally recognised language school, we are familiar with the language learning visa process and can provide a few of the necessary documents.

language school berlin - accommodation

Accommodation Search

We support the opportunity to live with other students and native speakers and can help foreign students find accommodation in Berlin.

Exam Preparation Language school berlin

Exam Preparation

Successfully prepare for a language exam (telc, TestDAF or Zertifikat Deutsch), German university or Studienkolleg in an intensive German language course at DAS Akademie.

Language School Philosophy

Online Language School

Learn English or German online in our digital campus. In fact, some of our students who tried our online classes prefer them to coming into the school! The only difference is meeting on the video-conferencing software Zoom. What’s best is that you can start with all the levels anytime you like.

German language school berlin

Berlin’s trendsetting school

Great Location in Berlin

Want to learn German at a trendsetting language school in Berlin?  Looking to study at one of the best language schools in Germany? Are you in Berlin and wondering “which is the best German language school near me?”

So don’t look further, because you can reach us within minutes from every corner of the city. Our German language school is directly in the centre of Berlin, located within a short distance of many famous monuments and sights, which gives students the opportunity to learn the culture and history of Germany alongside Deutsch! With our bright and open classrooms, we create a comfortable learning atmosphere from the outset.

Most importantly, we make you speak! As a matter of fact, all our language classes, including digital ones, follow the same approach. Speaking comes first, because active use leaves a lasting impression. Once spoken, never forgotten.  Our students’ 100% pass rate in TestDAF is evidence of this. For this reason, our interactive lessons get you to work in pairs and in groups.

What makes us the best school? Be it in a presence or online language course, our students are always at the centre. First, we get to know you and understand your learning style. Then, we structure the lessons around your needs. The results are immediately visible. Together with relevance and consistency, our unique concept guarantees success. Despite the exceptional quality, our course prices remain fair.

#1 German Language School

Study German in Berlin’s #1 German language school from level A1 to C2 in line with the CEFR. Before anything else, every journey here begins with an individual consultation and a free placement test. After all, everyone comes to us with a specific goal and a particular set of skills. Together, we find the best course to fit in with any kind of schedule. Indeed, at DAS Akademie, you can have a tailor made programme to suit your needs and availability.

From the very first day, we track everyone’s progress and coach them throughout their journey. Students can therefore pick up where they left off after taking a break. Moreover, we place a lot of focus an attention on each and every student thanks to small groups of typically 6 to 8 participants. Above all, we guarantee fun and success in our German language school in Berlin!

Choosing the Best Language School

At DAS Akademie, we offer everything you would expect from the best language school in Berlin. In fact, we will make you internalise grammar and vocabulary. This is because our teachers don’t just speak and write on the whiteboard – they make you speak.

Unlike in traditional language education centres, our students do most of the speaking and writing. This makes the learning experience more relevant and practical, rather than passive and theoretical. That is why those who learn with us testify to the effectiveness of our methods.

Are you still looking for the best language school to study German in Berlin? Just swing by during our office hours and one of our first-rate teachers will be happy to offer you a free and complete language assessment before recommending the best course for you. Let our experienced team help you find the best course for you in Berlin.

Place among language schools in Germany

Berlin’s school of choice for German education

Our place among language schools in Germany

Language schools nowadays are becoming the foundation stone of international relations. Did you know that, even in 1974, it was compulsory to learn at least one foreign language in every member state of the European Union, apart from the UK (excluding Scotland) and Ireland? 20 years later, almost every pupil in Europe was learning a second language as part of their primary education. Following that, language schools experienced a surge in demand as it became necessary for students to learn two foreign languages at secondary school level.

Nowadays, pupils benefit from 3-4 hours of language teaching in schools per week. This is where language schools come in.

According to a report in 2016, the majority of German learners decide to pick up the language due to desire or requirement relating to further studies. This would suggest that more and more post-graduate students are pursuing a new life in a German-speaking country, and need to learn the local language.

Why should I Study German at a language school?

Easy: a school like DAS Akademie will help you make friends! Our target is to make all of our students feel confident and comfortable enough to be able to speak a language fluently and effectively.

In our Berlin language school we offer a no-desk, no-stress approach. When you walk through the doors, the first thing you will notice is our spacious classrooms, which are fitted with chairs and whiteboards to make sure that your speaking skills are developed first and foremost. The first language school was opened way before the start of the 1900s, and we believe that we have hand-picked the best teachers since that period, to help you reach your full potential. Now you know about the importance of learning a language, and we’re sure that your motivation will continue to increase!

Read a success story...

As soon as you enter DAS Akademie, you will notice that it is not like any other Berlin language school. In fact, some visitors wonder if they came to the right place.

“I was looking for the language school DAS Akademie…”

“Welcome! Here is the language school DAS Akademie.”

“Really? Now, this looks more like a…?”

Once Upon a Time in a Berlin Language School

Positively surprised, just as I was when I first came to this magic space. Is it the funky music surrounding you? The high ceilings and antique doors? The curious internal design which makes you feel at home? What the employees had for breakfast? Is it karma, or perhaps fengshui?

Back then, I had a problem. I had lived in Berlin for a long time and picked up German here and there, without any real structure or consistency. Actually, I was expecting to go through a pretty standard process. I was going to take a written placement test, after which I was surely going to be sent to a very simple class to get the basics right. In fact, I was ready to do just that. I was tired of not being able to speak.

The person who welcomed me took the time to get to know me first. She asked me about my background, my education, my goals and struggles. Had I attended language classes at another language school in Berlin or elsewhere? She offered me coffee and it felt like talking to a friend rather than a teacher.

A boutique language school?

After I took my written assessment and handed over my results, she raised a puzzled brow. She took me to a stylish classroom and asked me to wait for the teacher for a verbal assessment. The head teacher personally came to me. He immediately lit up the room with his energy, and I felt like something extraordinary was about to happen. Was he going to take a rabbit out of his hat?

I enjoyed talking to him, and for a moment, I forgot that this was an assessment and that I was at a language school in Berlin. Indeed, it felt more like a conversation with my best buddy. He asked the right questions and listened very carefully. At the end of he session, he went to the white board and drew a diagram. He told me exactly what I was struggling with and pointed out calcified flaws. Instead of immediately recommending a course to me, he started coaching me. “The best language school,” he said, “is understanding how you learn best.” I received tips to improve my accent and to fix some of those calcified mistakes. No, I was not to be sent to a basic class, I was going to be integrated into a challenging classcombined with a few one-to-one lessons to fix the flaws.

My Learning Journey

And so, I started my journey. I came to school everyday because I did not want to miss out. Hot topics were open to discussion in class. Our teacher, a woman with an engrossing presence and fascinating knowledge, made us speak. Not to mention  I learned so much more. We played games and had fun. Sometimes, the director played his guitar to all the students during their break. Some sang along, some danced along. The weekly breakfast brought us together and I met very interesting people, some of whom are now still my friends. What a funky language school, I thought.

Today, I can speak German. Good enough to speak to my lawyer, for example! I still visit DAS Akademie because I miss the funky atmosphere so much. They still offer me a coffee and the director still plays the guitar:

“Well, it’s one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go, cat, go”

Now that’s a different kind of Berlin language school for you.

*We would like to thank Fede, one of our former students, for writing this article about our funky Berlin language school and for making us so proud!

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Long story short, learning a new language at our language school means changing the course of your life. Whenever you’re ready, contact us to book your course and start a new chapter!

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